A Calorie Calculator Review

ACalorieCalculator.com provides a number of useful tools to help with a calorie counting process. It is a sibling site of CaloriesInABanana.net, so I wanted to devote a page to talking about how this site can help with your weight loss goals. The site is devoted to helping count calories, which means it is designed to give a picture of the calories you are consuming and the calories you are burning.

The main feature of the site is a calorie calculator. Here you can plug in details about yourself and you will see information relevant to a weight loss process. This information includes your BMI, or a basic estimate of how overweight you may be relative to your height. Additionally, the calculator will show you your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This can roughly be interpreted as the calories you burn a day with no real digestion or activity occurring. This calculator then uses an input activity level to provide an estimate of the number of calories you burn a day and provides various levels of calorie consumption that are suggestions to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week. This calculator is quite a general calorie calculator and utilises equations that generalize between people, so the figures are designed to provide a rough estimate of your general calorie requirements.

The site then provides a calories burned calculator that can calculate the calories burned in a wide range of activities and exercises. As the general calorie calculator described above is more of a general calculator, you may want to adopt an approach of calculating the calories you burn in each of your activities and exercises over a 24 hour period and summing these calories to give an alternative estimate of the calories you are burning. This calculator will let you calculate an estimate of the calories you are burning over a variety of activities by simply inputting your weight and the duration of the activity. The calculator will then let you sum the calories burned over several activities, each with different durations to help give an estimate of the total calories burned.

The above two calculators are related to getting a feel of the calories you are burning. The other site of the equation is to understand the calories you consume. To help with this, the site provides the ability to search the calories in food for over 7000 foods and drinks. Additionally, you will see the nutrition content of the foods such as the level of protein, carbs, fat and saturated fat. By searching the foods you generally consume, you will start to get a picture of the calories you consume a day and can then relate this to the calories you are burning as calculated by the above calculators.

I hope this helps give an idea of how this site may be used to aid in a calorie counting process, and I encourage you to go and take a look at the site yourself. After all, all the functionality described is provided free of charge.

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